10 things that happened during my Challenge

My social life had been hectic and looking forward, it only was going to get busier with Christmas fast approaching. With only one or two social events planned for the weekend coming, I bit the bullet and committed to an alcohol-free weekend.

Friday arrived and so did day one of my #SoberSelfie Challenge. Things seemed different as I was listening to my Friday Funday playlist on the way to work, probably because I knew I wasn’t going to finish the working day with a pint or two (or eight). But I remained optimistic.

I successfully finished my Challenge and was quite pleased with myself. Monday rolled around and I felt refreshed.

Here’s some observations I had during my Challenge:

  1. I can often play the role of the ‘enabler.’ I realised that when I’m drinking, I can sometimes be guilty of encouraging people to have a drink.
  2. When I set my mind to something, I do it. The idea of pledging to take a challenge was really motivating as I knew because I couldn’t drink, I didn’t. I also found it easy to explain why I wasn’t drinking and made for a good talking point.
  3. People do things before midday on weekends. I seriously believe I had forgotten that life started before 10am on weekends and was pretty impressed to see so many people out and about on my Sunday morning walk.
  4. I felt awkward without a drink in hand. While mingling with people in a social setting, I found that I didn’t know what to do with my hands. There was a lot of awkward leans and hand gestures happening. Cue: a tall glass of Cola = problem solved.
  5. I did not miss ‘the fear.’ Waking up and stressing all day over what I might have said or done the night before was a feeling I was pretty used to, and when it didn’t happen, I welcomed the relief with open arms.
  6. I had a lot more time. I can’t believe how much energy I had to get stuff done. There was even a load of washing done on Saturday morning?!
  7. I didn’t need to take a nap every second hour. I didn’t realise how much time I spend napping after I’ve been out drinking. There was definitely a few extra hours in the day.
  8. I saved a bit of coin. I didn’t have the fright of my life when I checked my bank balance the next day.
  9. I made the next working week my b*tch. I couldn’t believe how alert and productive I was the entire week. It was amazing!
  10. Some of my mates were envious. They wouldn’t admit it, but I think they were. There’s an element of jealousy I think when someone tells you that they’re not drinking, because deep down, you’re questioning yourself as to why you are.

We all want to make the most out of not only weekends, but life, and the #SoberSelfie Challenge is a good way of reminding ourselves we can get so much more out of life without a crippling hangover.

Alex, 28, describes himself as one of the boys and says sinking beers is pretty ingrained in his social life. He’d be lying to say he wasn’t shocked that his sober weekend was actually pretty great. “Get around the Challenge,” are his words of advice to you.

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