A harsh reflection with a side of large fries

After having a good, hard look in the mirror at myself one Sunday evening, I admitted the truth; this weekend routine was getting a bit old.

It was the realisation that I had achieved literally nothing all weekend that made me have this stern talking to myself. Unless you consider driving to Hungry Jacks twice in two days and binge watching Netflix as productive, I wasn’t getting a lot done.

That week I saw an ad on Facebook for #SoberSelfie. Without thinking twice, I signed up to take the #SoberSelfie Weekender Challenge to do that week. What did I have to lose? Not my dignity for once, at least.

My sober weekend came and went and by the end of it, I was pretty pleased with myself. I set out to do a challenge, I had succeeded and was feeling great.

Feeling so great forced me to question why I don’t have more weekends off the booze. And in this moment of reflection, a harsh comparison flashed through my head.

Here’s a summary…

A weekend on the piss

Sunday – Tuesday – “I’m never drinking again”
Thursday – start making some plans, but still adamant I won’t be going hard.
Friday 5pm – “I’ll get the first round!”
Friday 10pm – “I better go home…………..after this song”
Midnight – 3am – **sloppy dancing and another tequila shot down**
Saturday 10am – missed gym class I had planned to attend. Try to shower but being vertical is difficult.
Saturday afternoon – cringe-worthy flashbacks from last night keep appearing, regretting the grilled chicken burger and in denial as to how hungover I am.
Saturday 8pm – feeling human again and so I let my house mate talk me into going out again.
Midnight onwards – blank.
Sunday brunch – hating myself at a family gathering, questioning why I do this to myself.
Sunday afternoon – Must. Have. Nap. So. Tired.
Sunday night – Analysing how little I achieved and trying to remember the things I did do.

Now, this is an extreme weekend to be honest. They’re not all like this, I promise.

A weekend off the piss

Friday 5pm – skip after work drinks. Making my way home, feeling strange.
Friday 7pm – designated driver for the first time in a long time. Pick up two friends and head to a party.
Friday midnight – feeling fairly exhausted having socialised so much without any liquid aid.
Saturday morning – put on a load of washing and head to a 9.30am gym class.
Saturday lunch – meet mum, aunt and grandma for lunch and can actually hold a conversation. Feeling like my company is worthwhile.
Saturday evening – no fomo, very comfortable at home. My friends know I’m on a challenge so don’t pester me about heading out.
Sunday morning – 8am hike with a mate – also on the challenge – and feeling proud of ourselves for exercising at such an early hour. Enjoyed coffee afterward and home before lunchtime.
Sunday afternoon – enjoy an afternoon with family friends. I packed my non-alcoholic drinks and gear up for another round of sober socialising.
Sunday night – grocery shopping, tick. Dinner not through a drive-thru, tick. Go to bed feeling productive and ready for a week at work, tick.
Monday – loving myself silly.

Abbey, 26, is a socialite and brunch enthusiast. She’s the first to admit her weekends were getting out of hand and now she’s keen to have sober weekends once every few weeks. She also says that sober weekends were more fun than first thought. 

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