Asking the tough questions

It was once a pretty regular occurence to ask myself the same three questions every Sunday:

  1. Will it be KFC or Maccas?
  2. Will I watch Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?
  3. Why do I do this to myself?

It’s not like question two isn’t a great way to spend a Sunday, and in fact while we’re on the topic, I would like to suggest that some sort of religious cult exists where Sunday is a day of rest dedicated to sitting down and watching an instalment of LOR or Star Wars.

But questions one and three – they can be avoided. While sending a few ‘Green Demons’ down the hatch is great every now and then, I’m starting to find that not getting plastered every Saturday night leads to a broader range of options on the Sunday.

Activities that weren’t available to my hungover self included such things as going for runs, chilling out with friends (that I didn’t already live with), and completing some quality ‘life administration’ tasks that have improved ‘life productivity’. These activities, and plenty more, are available to the exciting new me I unlocked after going a few Saturday nights without a ‘Green Demon’ or ten.

My body, especially my liver, is thanking me for the break. I ran my first marathon a couple of months ago, something I couldn’t have done without saying no to a few pints and if I (the non-athlete of all non-athletes) can run 42km then imagine what you can do after a few weekends off.

My wallet is thanking me too – yes, I’m still a poor uni student but I’m no longer eating things a week past their use-by date in order to save money.

And sure, I no longer know ‘Return of the Jedi’ word for word, or see the KFC drive-thru girl on the regular but it’s worth a break from time to time. It’s not like I’m saying no to grog forever, just every now and then.

If you find you aren’t getting the most out of your weekends, or you feel like you need a ‘life intern’ to complete your ‘life administration’ tasks to improve your overall ‘life productivity’, then I recommend signing up for the #SoberSelfie Weekender Challenge. Stay off the drink for a whole weekend (woah, scary) and commit to an action-packed weekend where you get the most out of life, even if only for a couple of days.

Since completing his first marathon, Tim has taken some time off to re-watch Star Wars but still prefers to limit the number of ‘Green Demons’ he throws down his hatch.

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