Calling all sports clubs!

There’s nothing wrong with a cheeky bevvy after a hard game, but sometimes our sports heroes take the concept of ‘moderation’, dunk it in vodka, then light it on fire. From David Boon’s 52 cans of beer on a plane to England to Shane Warne’s ‘THIRSTY?’ interview, there’s a bit of a history there.

Which is weird, because sport and being boozed don’t go together very well at all. Even just training after a night on the suds can be a mission, and most people know a slab of tinnies on a Friday night isn’t the best way to stay match-fit.

That’s why we’re offering a THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR prize to sports clubs that get over 20 members signed up for the Challenge. Every club that gets over 20 people registered goes in the draw to win big.


As well as being a buttload of money, it’s also a pretty great incentive to keep fit, train hard, and get in a little off-field competition against other clubs.

So sign up and get your teammates cracking, and hopefully if someone asks if you’re thirsty over the next couple of months, you can be like: nah.

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