Famous last words

“I’m never drinking again.”

It’s a pretty normal thing to hear amongst my friends over the course of a weekend. It’s said so frequently that we don’t really believe anyone when they say it. I don’t think we even believe ourselves, truth be told. The fact is, most of our social occasions – if not all – involve alcohol.

The old ‘I’ll go for one or two drinks’ line is thrown out and then suddenly 1am rolls around and it’s your shout again. Somewhere in between saying you aren’t drinking, a mate manages to twist your arm or you melt under the pressure of trying to explain why you aren’t drinking.

There are plenty of reasons why you might decide to not drink; saving money, keeping up your healthy eating streak and to avoid social embarrassment are only a few. But more than often, drinking and dancing outweigh these benefits. By the time the following weekend arrives, you’ve forgotten you ever swore to never drink again and hence, the cycle continues.

It’s like we need to reset the routine. We need to be reminded that good times exist outside of the pub. But what to do if not drinking?

Cue the #SoberSelfie Challenge: a great way to fashionably turn down a drink and make the most out of tomorrow.

The #SoberSelfie Challenge is something that appeals to me. I don’t necessarily want to sign up to a month-long break from drinking and I don’t want to raise money for doing so. I need a temporary way out. I want a way to say no to a drink and not succumb to peer pressure, and celebrate the good times in a way that doesn’t involve popping a bottle of champagne.

The #SoberSelfie offers just that for me and I believe it has the capacity to make a real change in the drinking habits of young Australians.

Sign up to take some time off drinking and be your best selfie. Bring your mates along for the ride, too. The more the merrier!

If you want to reset your routine, here’s your chance to feel better and experience more.

Alison, 25, works in Marketing at the Australian Drug Foundation. She is one part of the mastermind behind #SoberSelfie and obviously enjoys taking a selfie or two.

Twitter: ali_caston

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