How to know if your liver is crying out for help

Are you always getting sick? Finding it difficult to lose weight? Bad skin? These are all tell-tale signs that your liver is crying out for a rest.

Cosmopolitan recently wrote an article about what happens to your body when your liver is being overworked, and suggested ways you can mix up your diet and lifestyle to help your body’s biggest organ chill out.

Some of the tips include swapping coffee for green tea, getting right around that legendary food known as avocado for its liver-boosting antioxidants, and adding turmeric to meals for liver cell repair.

Probably the best dietary change you can make is to stay off the grog for a little while. It’s the liver’s job to process toxins in your body, and drinking too much makes this a tough gig.

If you haven’t already, why not sign up to the #SoberSelfie Challenge to give yourself – and your liver – a break from the booze and have a great time in the process?

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