Stop the pub crawl – start the neighbourhood run!

Running can be a really healthy and enjoyable pastime to get into, even for the most novice of athletes.

On nights out, the only time you might break into a run is when you need to get to the toilet for a spew. Why not experience the healthy sensation of running without the slightly less enjoyable sensation of emptying your stomach’s contents into a toilet bowl?

If you’re having trouble getting into it at the beginning, there’s a few of simple things you can do to make things a bit easier. Kicking the booze for a little while is one of them.

With the money you save from not going out, you’ll be able to buy yourself a decent pair of running shoes. This could mean you could treating yourself to those Nike Free-Runs you’ve been eying off (which are a lot comfier than high-heels and disco shoes, by the way).

Once you’ve got yourself a decent pair of sneakers, set a goal and track your progress. There are plenty of mobile apps out there that can measure your improvement, and even ones that can spice up your daily run by turning it into a life or death race against killer zombies, if you feel you need that extra bit of motivation to get up and going.

There are so many health benefits to running even small distances, once or twice a week. Once you get over that beginner’s hump, there’ll be no stopping you. Hell, we may even see you at the Rio Olympics in 2016!

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