Selfie tips


Camera shy?

Here’s some ideas on who and what you could include in your selfies while you’re out and about during your challenge.

When you upload your happy snaps, remember to tag @SoberSelfie on Facebook and Instagram so we can check out what you’re gettin’ up to (in a non-creepy way). There’s some awesome prizes up for grabs if you do, so get uploading! Terms & Conditions apply.

  • Other #SoberSelfie Challengers. Get your #SoberSelfie squad together and take a group pic.
  • Your food (brunch, always brunch). We all enjoy inflicting a bit of food envy on friends. Now’s the time to capture a delicious meal you’re enjoying without battling an epic hangover.
  • Your new favourite non-alcoholic drink. Posting a photo of the fancy drink you’re guzzling is a popular one seen on Instagram, usually accompanied with the #SundayFunday hashtag.
  • Your back. You know this kind of photo: the one that’s made to look like it’s not planned and someone has coincidentally captured the moment while you look dreamily into the distance. It’s a classic and we’re all for it.
  • The stuff around you. Get creative figuring out the best way to share what you’re seeing. Some of the best pics taken nowadays are from tiny smartphones, not chunky cameras.
  • Your legs/feet. Show the world where your feet have taken you during your challenge. Not only does it show off your mighty fine legs and killer shoes, but also a good opportunity to put your feet up and capture the moment. Sun lounge, anyone?
  • Your reflection. Get creative with this one – there’s so many surfaces that can provide you with a great reflection selfie. Snap your reflection in your mate’s sunglasses or in the car side mirror from the passenger seat.
  • Your shadow. You can’t go wrong with a shadow shot. Mix it up and take a shadow shot on varied surfaces eg, water, concrete footpath.
  • Pull a face. Screw up your face, poke your tongue out, wink – whatever you feel. If you scare yourself during this process, delete and pretend it never happened.
  • Panorama. Nothing else captures a full scenic view than a panorama shot. Here’s a chance to dust up on your photography skills.


Sisters making selfie. Two beautiful young woman making selfie and grimacing on the mobile phone