#SoberSelfie verified activities


Day time

  • Get walking. Summer’s upon us, so now’s a great time to get outside and do some exploring. Where2Walk has a whole lot of walks dependent on distance, duration and difficulty. Buzzfeed put together a list of urban walks also to prove that you don’t need to venture far to get in touch with nature.
  • Pack a picnic. Grab your mates and pack a bag full of deliciousness. Stuff your face while enjoying some beautiful scenery. Or just stuff your face.
  • Take a course. Check out what’s happening at your local community centre and see what courses are on offer. Here’s your chance to learn a new language, paint or practice martial arts. See what courses Laneway Learning or School of Life is offering and broaden those horizons of yours.
  • Beach volleyball. Nothing says summer more than some outdoor beach volleyball. For those less coordinated, this one will no doubt provide a good laugh for all involved.
  • Go karting. There’s nothing wrong with some healthy competition, so get the crew together and race around the track.
  • Get on your bike. Rail Trails has plenty of suggestions on great bike tracks around Victoria.
  • Take a road trip and/or a weekend away. Why not venture out for a weekend and see what’s happening around the state. Visit Victoria has some good suggestions on where to go.
  • Lawn bowls. Hang out with the club locals, have a yarn with your mates and enjoy the greenery at your nearest lawn bowls park. It’s not just for old people!
  • Brunch it. A meal inbetween breakfast and lunch? Genius! What’s great about brunch is that it’s not only delicious, but often a sure way to avoid alcoholic drinks. Check out some of these great brunch locations around Melbourne.


Night time

  • Glow Golf and Laser Tag.  What’s better than mini golf? Glow in the dark mini golf (obviously). Combined with Laser Tag, you’ve got yourself one action packed evening. Head to the Google machine and see where your nearest location is.
  • Mocktail bar crawl. Check out what these Melbourne bars have in the way of Mocktails. Better yet, get creative and make your own.
  • Self-induced food coma. Get the squad together and host a dinner party. The rules are simple: everyone who attends brings a dish and the goal is to taste each one. Top it off with some fancy non-alcoholic punch.
  • Music. See what gigs are happening around Victoria and get your boogie on. Check out Event finda and Time Out Melbourne for what’s coming up.
  • Movie night. Get your significant other(s) and spend a night in watching new releases or the all-time classics. It’s highly recommended that you have popcorn readily available too.
  • Game night. Dust off some old board games and host a games night. Or better yet, get the old consoles out and renew your Mario Kart title.
  • Trivia time. Test out your knowledge with some trivia and outsmart your friends. If you need some visual aids, hit up your parents. They have been saving the Trivial Pursuit for this very moment.